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M. Joseph Miller II.

A native of Las Vegas, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. 

For over 21 years, Mr. Miller has headed Miller & Associates Consulting (formerly, M & A Legal-Management.) Mr. Miller is the founder of the Clark County bar Associations Trial By Peers program and the first and youngest youth attorney /counselor in Nevada to try a criminal case through the Clark County Bar Association's Trial By Peers program. He has managed Senate campaigns for local leaders and worked on projects for the city of Las Vegas with former San Francisco 49er and city councilman Frank Hawkins, the first Black elected official in Las Vegas, former Judges Nancy Oesterle, the first woman to be appointed to the bench in Las Vegas Justice Court and Nevada's first African American District Court Judge; the late Honorable Judge Addeliar D. Guy III.

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To provide top tier representation to both the top 1% income earners and those working to get there.


To grow as a business with our clients and remain an essential part of their future success.